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AC Milan Defend 'Innocent' Celebrations Involving Lazio Shirt Following Saturday's 1-0 Win

The pair celebrated in front of the crowd with the shirt of Lazio's Francesco Acerbi, who offered up his shirt after a week of exchanging tweets with Bakayoko. However, both Milan midfielders have been criticised for a perceived lack of class as a result of the ...

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Torino, Cairo: 'They want AC Milan in Europe...'

Torino president Urbano Cairo spoke to the press (via after the 1-1 draw against Cagliari, here is what he had to say: ' The refereeing was terrible. I don't know what Zaza told the referee but after 10 minutes of play, Barella told the referee ...

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Vital AC Milan Win Against Lazio Ends With Furious Row

A furious row erupted following AC Milan's 1-0 win against Lazio on Saturday evening. Milan, who were hosting the game, won 1-0 via a Franck Kessie penalty in the 79th minute. The victory, which came following six minutes of injury time, is a vital one for ...