'Eskom is lying to us': Power cuts already near stage 5, warns energy expert


Eskom updated its load-shedding schedule to include stages 5 to 8, TimesLIVE reported in November 2018. "The Disaster Management Act requires Eskom to develop contingency plans for identified major incidents.

A severe supply constraint is one of these, for which Eskom has plans in place,” the parastatal said at the time. Stage 5 would imply shedding 5,000MW. Bloem told eNCA that during the media briefing on Tuesday, Eskom's head of system operations said plainly, “we have reached 4,900MW offline on Monday.

It’s there, it’s clear. Everybody can hear it. And yet Eskom is denying it.

They are absolute liars,” he said. Stage 8 load-shedding would, in theory, leave customers without power for more than 12 hours a day in Johannesburg and Pretoria, but Eskom said in 2018 that it was unlikely that it would ever need to implement the highest stage. Eskom spokesperson Andrew Etzinger told TimesLIVE on Tuesday that stage 5 and 6 were not on the cards.

"No intention or requirement to go to stage 5 or 6," he said via e-mail.

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