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R. Kelly's ex-wife responds to song 'I Admit' with her own remix

READ MORE: R Kelly: Time's Up campaign against me is 'attempted public lynching of a black man'. Andrea continued: “And if you're going to put me in your book, then you're going to tell the truth in the book. You don't get to tell people that we got ...


Independent Online

R. Kelly's 'I Admit' is more defence than apology

In a 19-minute-long song released Monday, R&B singer R. Kelly addresses several topics that have dogged him for years, including sexual misconduct allegations against him, his illegal marriage with a then-15-year-old Aaliyah, and parents who have ...

- Independent Online (blog)

R Kelly's 19-minute mea culpa 'I Admit', dissected and analysed

Acused of running an “abusive and controlling cult” of young women, of grooming a 14-year-old girl to be his “sex pet”. and of giving a woman an STD and plying her with drugs and alcohol when she was 19, there's been a lot of controversy for R Kelly to ...

- (blog)

The Boston Globe

R. Kelly's 'I Admit': We pressed mute on the Pied Piper

R. Kelly, the self-proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B, has been unapologetically crafting the soundtrack of sexual predation for more than two decades. On Monday morning, the 51-year-old took to Twitter to release “I Admit,” a 19-minute song attempting to ...

- The Boston Globe


R. Kelly's Empty Confessions, Meet Black Twitter's Wrath

The connection between R. Kelly's alleged abuses and the deaths of Cooper and Wilson is more than tenuous. Years ago, while reporting on Kelly, DeRogatis told the Village Voice: “The saddest fact I've learned is nobody matters less to our society than ...


The Atlantic

R. Kelly Is the Hero of His Own Disingenuous Epic

On Monday morning, the R&B singer R. Kelly shared his first new solo song since the release of his 2016 holiday album, The 12 Nights of Christmas. The 19-minute confessional “I Admit” plumbs the 51-year-old artist's personal and professional history ...

- The Atlantic

Irish Times

Music industry's silence in wake of R Kelly's outburst is damning

R Kelly is sorry. Sorry he's been accused of mistreating women, sorry parents have, by his telling, pushed their teenage daughters on him, sorry that the Women of Colour wing of the Times Up movement is campaigning for record labels to boycott his music.

- Irish Times

R. Kelly posts bizarre lengthy response to sex cult allegations

R. Kelly has been accused by multiple women of running a “sex cult,” brainwashing and sexually abusing women, including some teenagers. Kelly has repeatedly denied these claims, saying they have been put out to destroy his legacy. Twitter didn't hold ...



R. Kelly sings about troubles in revealing 19-minute song, 'I Admit'

NEW YORK — R. Kelly sings about his troubles and battles in a new 19-minute song, addressing sexual abuse claims against him that have put a screeching halt on his career. The song, “I Admit,” was posted to Soundcloud on Monday. The track begins with ...


R Kelly denies sexual misconduct with 19-minute song

Singer R. Kelly, who is at the centre of a boycott campaign over his treatment of women, has responded to the allegations with a 19-minute song in which he reveals he was abused himself. Acknowledging he's "made some mistakes" and has "imperfect ways" ...



R Kelly says he was abused as a child in 19-minute song 'I Admit'

Singer R. Kelly, the target of a boycott campaign over his treatment of women, hit back Monday in a 19-minute song in which he reveals he was abused himself. Entitled “I Admit,” the marathon song nonetheless is heavier on denials than acknowledgement ...

- Citizen


R. Kelly Releases Bizarre New 19-Minute Song, "I Admit It"

Last year, BuzzFeed reported R. Kelly was holding a group of women hostage in a "sex cult" at his Atlanta and Chicago homes. In May, a BBC documentary spoke to Kitti Jones, one of the women from the alleged sex cult, who said Kelly was grooming the ...

- Noisey

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