15 of the best St. Patrick's Day parades around the world


DestinationsFood & DrinkPlayStayVideoSearch Menu Play15 of the best St. Patrick's Day parades around the worldForrest Brown, CNN • Updated 15th March 2019Facebook Twitter Email View Gallery17 Pictures(CNN) — March is a grand time of year when you're Irish.

Or when you're of Irish heritage. Or when you wish you were of Irish heritage. Or when you just claim you're Irish even though you're not. Patrick's Day, which is on Sunday, March 17, in 2019 draws out the Irish in plenty of people all over the world. And one of the best ways we celebrate this is with parades -- boisterous, green-colored, shamrock-festooned, spirited parades.

What follows are 15 of the best St. Patrick's Day parades in destinations around the world, along with a quick history of the saint himself and the holiday first: So who was St. Patrick anyway? Patrick was born in 385 A., back when Ireland was still pagan territory. When he was 16, the British-born Patrick was brought to Ireland as a slave.

He escaped six years later and became a priest. He eventually returned to the island and started converting the natives to Christianity. He's the patron saint of Ireland and as such is invoked to protect the spiritual and worldly interests of the island and its people.

He died in 461 A.

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